Yoga & Upper Back Pain

Often upper back pain is directly related to repetitive patterns performed over a period of time.

There are many different habits that contribute to upper back pain, for example; sitting at a desk hunched over a computer for long periods, driving, texting, and all the many other activities performed in the forward flexion position. When we are consistently in the forward flexion our upper back muscles become weak and tight and our chest is also affected as it becomes closed, tight and weak.  This eventually effects our breathing and our overall health.

In order to alleviate this situation we need to strengthen and stretch weak & tight muscles. When stretching the muscle some of the fibers lengthen & some do not, hence a prolonged held stretching pose is very important.  When we move in & out of the stretch during vinyasa yoga flow – it gives our muscle fibers a chance to replenish.

It is so important to remember to both strengthen & stretch your upper back muscles & there are specific poses to target both. Never forget to relax and restore your upper back muscles & feel the benefits.

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