Special Offer !

1:1 Nutrition Advice, 1:1 Buteyko Breathing Session, 1:1 Oxygen Advantage for Yoga Session for only €190

1:1 Nutrition Advice & Simple tips for easy recipes.

1:1 Buteyko Breathing Session targeting various health issues 

1:1  Oxygen Advantage Yoga Session,  duration 1 x hour

Price €190 over three sessions. 


Up dated knowledge on Nutrition, what our body needs as we age, what vitamins and minerals you maybe lacking. Easy quick simple, nutritious meals to prepare. 

Learn various breathing techniques, to help you decongest your nose, sleep better, feel less anxious, and ease asthma. 

Learn how to use Oxygen Advantage techniques to supply your muscles with more oxygen and feel totally at ease and relaxed. 

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