Yoga with plenty of Nutrition

As a Health Coach and Yoga Teacher I take pride in my physical, mental and Nutritional well-being.

I like to start the day with meditation followed by a gentle yoga flow. Yoga works 100 per cent of the body, toning, firming, sculpting and realigning. It brings balance into our life both mentally and physically, correcting our posture and straightening our spine. With regular practice yoga stimulates the thyroid gland which helps control cravings and metabolism.

Today’s lunch is satisfying, full of vital nutrients and sustaining me until my next meal. Italian flat bread, which I heated on the pan. Spread some chilly olive oil  with homemade hummus & topped with lightly steamed vegetables and goats cheese.

The more relaxed we are the more balanced we feel, and less likely to comfort eat to satisfy our stress fulled cravings. Yoga gives your health an over all boost and you naturally want to fuel your body with good nutrition.

Yoga classes starting Monday 14th for all levels.

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