Yoga Leads The Way To Cultivating Inner Peace & Happiness

We all share the wish to be happy, find inner peace and be free from suffering.

Suffering comes in many forms, all of them stemming from the forgetfulness of who we are at the core of our being. Beyond our thoughts, emotions and external circumstances.

Be Still & Quiet

Finding  peace and stillness within us is something many people find so differcult.  We are constantly bombarded by images, ideas, technology not to mention social, financial & cultural pressure, which leads our attention in many different directions.  This is known as external noise & then the mind gets carried away to planning, excessive thinking, judgment, worry, anxiety which is known as mental noise. When all this is going on our attention is removed from what is happening in the present moment, then we begin to feel lost, un centered, and in a state if dis harmony & unhappiness.

It is important to take time out of our daily challenging lives and remove ourselves from the noise and really become quiet and find the stillness within.  This does not mean to sit by the sea and then think about all the things we need to be doing, as we are getting caught up in mental noise. Basically it means tuning out of the “noise” and being present to what is happening right now.  Many people may find the tossing and turning of the mind can cause even more chaos, when trying to find the stillness within.

This is where yoga can benefit to finding that calmness and stillness within you. When you learn to tune into your breath your mind becomes present tuning out of the noise, cultivating inner peace and happiness within you.

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