Why Are We Afraid Of Silence

Have you ever longed for silence, to stop, take it easy and just have peace and quiet.

Yet when you get a moment of silence you find it hard to switch off and just be still with your own thoughts. In our every day life, our minds are constantly being distracted and we love to keep busy, juggling a multitude of things on an hourly basis. We feel being busy is being successful, then when we come to sit quietly we don’t feel comfortable. We become familiar with the habits we form, having our weekend planned and keeping busy. We are afraid to stop & just go with the flow of life.

Connecting to silence in our busy life

Yoga is the practice of learning to quieten the mind & body and come to a place of peace and silence. Some of us find this very hard to do as we have been conditioned to keep busy. Yoga is like meditation in motion and when we truly connect to the silence and stillness deep within the waves of the busy mind are calmed. Yoga helps unravel deep buried emotions and free up our mind.

Embrace the silence and connect with your heart

We have become so conditioned by modern society to think that being busy means being successful that we no longer feel guilt free when relaxing and really don’t know how to. We need TV, internet and the digital world to keep us distracted. Many of us when starting yoga & meditation find it difficult to breathe and connect within. It’s so alien to us that our mind fights against us. Yoga forces us to change something in our routine and the mind creates conflict. When we stick with it and persevere, our mind eventually begins to learn a new habit. It relaxes and the busy thoughts become less. We introduce a new habit into our life that offers us all round health & vitality.

So next time you practice yoga connect to the peace, stillness and silence within you. See you on the mat 🙂

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