Slow Releasing Carbs Breakfast

Love this Nutritious Breakfast after my yoga practice this morning.

This is so simple and easy to make. Jumbo oats are slow releasing which sustain blood sugars. I topped it with cacao powder one of my favorite super foods. Always thinking of my gut health I added my homemade kifer. This is a fantastic source of many nutrients and is full of friendly bacteria which our gut loves. For that extra taste I heated some frozen berries with cinnamon. Yes I love my breakfast:)


Piece of Beetroot, an apple, a banana ,4 cups of  Jumbo oats, 2 tablespoons grinded chia, 2 tablespoons grinded linseed’s, cacao powder, and some toasted seeds for the top.


Blend beetroot, apple & banana with some water in a blender/nutribullet until you have a liquid. Place the dry ingredients in a large bowl and pour over the liquid. Mix well until all the liquid is absorbed, you can add in more oats if you need. Place in the fridge over night and there should be enough for four or five people. It will last in the fridge for a couple of days. Then you add your berries or fresh fruit, yogurt or choice of Milk. Sprinkle with cacao powder if you like. Enjoy!

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