The Pursuit of Health is a Journey

Some people never get sick and are always full of energy and the picture of health.

They have positive mood, look good and feel great. What is the secret. Waking up full of energy with a clear mind and balanced mood is something we would all like to achieve.

Being Emotionally Healthy

Letting go off the past, and living in the present is something many of us find difficult. Breaking free of negative patterns of thought and behavior is a step towards emotional healing. We all inherit negative and positive emotional patterns. Let go of the negative that don’t serve our overall health and happiness, and start to live in the present.

Having a Purpose

Do what you love and love what you do is a major factor to being healthy and happy. How do you find your purpose and feel happy and fulfilled is a question many struggle with. Start by slowing down and connecting with yourself, we all have the answer within us!

Stop Rushing & Slow Down

Most of us spend or day rushing. We rush to the supermarket, rushing to collect the children, rushing to work, rushing to an appointment on time. We are constantly under pressure trying to attain a full work schedule, social and family obligations, with side effects of eating on the go, skipping meals, losing sleep, minimum exercise and not taking time to breathe. At the same time we are connected to our devices, with never ending emails, news, ads, texts, whats app, ‘likes’ and notifications. For our overall health and happiness we need to slow down and adjust to the demands of modern society. Finding peace among the chaos. Try yoga!

You are What you Eat & Digest

Balance is key when it comes to everything in life. Slow down, listen to your body & give it the nutrition it needs. Stop rushing, eat don’t tweet,  and enjoy the experience of sitting, chewing and tasting your food.

Remember the pursuit of health is a journey. Stop and slow down.

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