Letting Go Of Control And Breathe

Letting go of control is something many of us find difficult, but when we surrender and let go we create a calmness within us. The essence of peace and contentment.

Control is an illusion and to some degree we all know this.  We are not in total control of the way we feel. If we were, then we could just stop being anxious and worrying about everything and never be anxious again.

However even when we know this we still try and control everything.  We try and control how we feel, the things we do.  We try and control situations, what we want and don’t want.  This will result in pain and suffering sooner or later because it just doesn’t work.

Letting go of the need to control is simple enough – just BREATHE, step back and things happen naturally, just like the breath!

  • If something happens that you don’t like, don’t try and resist it, especially if you can’t do anything about it. Just breathe, come back to the present and let go of the control.
  • If something happens to you that you like, don’t become attached to it.  Again breathe and come back to the present.

This way we can learn to accept and slowly let go of our need to control events and see that they just happen. We can stay in our essence of ease and flow and start trusting that life does what it does. So just surrender and let go!


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