Have you had your Greens today

What we eat has a major impact on how we feel and look. When we eat foods full of minerals, vitamins & nutrients we feel lighter and look brighter. Greens are full of fiber which help eliminate toxins from our body. There are numerous benefits from eating your greens, being easy to digest and absorb quickly is kind on your digestion. They contribute to both mental and physical well being. Greens will give you a good dose of goodness which help you glow from inside.

Your mind and body work in sync

What we eat effects our mental health. Eating your daily dose of greens with help you tap into your coping mechanisms and help you deal with life’s challenges in a calm and rational way. When our body receives the proper nutrients it can function more efficiently.

Greens maybe the closest thing to a magic food. Eat crap feel crap, eat well look, feel, thing, sleep, and be well. Basically you are what you eat. Balance is everything.

Have you had your Greens today?


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