Fulfillment Holds The Key

In fulfillment we lack for nothing.

Often we feel we are lacking something and seek to fill that emptiness by reaching without thought or awareness. We over eat, we over drink, we over spend, we have a need to accumulate more stuff, we over indulge and we over work. Basically that is been human and we all go through it.  If we seek to understand what we truly are lacking, instead of reaching to those feelings of lack, we can begin to fill ourselves with real comfort and strength and find the fulfillment within.

What is it you are really hungry for.

If we become less mindless to becoming more aware of what we really need or want, then we realise we need  to connect to what we already have within.  That is the key we are all searching for but maybe afraid to unlock it! That is what shifts been heavy, weighted down, burdened into weightlessness and feeling light and free.  The goal is to get ourselves full from within and stop looking externally to find our inner peace.

Fulfillment means you feel complete

Fulfillment is the feeling that you are no longer needy and in a state of lack, you are content as you are in the moment. When we feel lacking we are no longer centered in our real self, this inner feeling of lack is where cravings come from. Cravings are messages that something is off balance. Next time stop and become aware and ask yourself what is really going on? What am I really hungry for, the answer is your emotional self is totally unsatisfied. We all have the answer within, and only when you stop and become still can you heal emotions and stop looking externally to fill the need.

Always remember the feeling you have after a yoga and meditation class, that’s the feeling you can give yourself any time you want and then you can look forward to been in a deeper state of fulfillment as time unfolds.

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