Breathing & Healing Mind & Body

When the mind is clear it feels healthy

Many people do not realise the importance of the breath. During yoga practice we use the breath to release tension in the mind & body. You can use the breath to bring healing, by consciously directing it to the area of tightness & tension.

Breathing in this way releases resistance & tension & reduces the intensity of the pain we are holding onto. In order to do this, consciously direct your breath into the area where you feel the tension and begin to let it soften & dissolve with each in-breath and release and let go with each out breath. Breathe and soften, this also increases the flow of oxygen and blood to where we are holding onto tension. You can use the breath to vulnerable and tender places within yourself. Keep breathing into and through any resistance. Use your breath to give you courage and fearlessness, to ground you in your present reality. To relax and find a deeper calmness within yourself.

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