Be The Promoter Of Your Own Health

The older I get the more I realise the importance of being the promoter of my own health.

There are so many factors involved in maintaining good health.

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Movement
  • Bone & Joint Health
  • Breathing
  • Hydration
  • Mental Health
  • Bowel Health

As we age we hear the words ware & tear, degeneration, decline, weakening to name just a few.

Nutrition & Hydration

Nutrition can cover many of the above, like bone health, mental health and bowel health.  It is so important to get into the habit of every time you sit to eat you become aware of what is on your plate. Are you supplying your body with good quality nutrition or damaging your cells, as eventually over time you become what you eat. Have you ever noticed when you eat crap your feel crap! Your bowels do not work correctly, your sleep is off, your mentally not functioning optimally and your energy is low.

 Small habits you can implement  – Habit Stacking

Always sit to eat your food, never eat on the go as you can not digest your food correctly which is one of reason for poor health. Your food needs to be digested for you to get the benefits from it.  Chew your food, otherwise it can lead to a host of stomach problems. Never drink water with your meals as this will interfer with the digestion process. Drink water 20mins before or 20mins after. Eat in a relaxed state,  food is to be enjoyed, it is keeping you feeling well and functioning at your best. Remember your food needs to be digested, assimilated, and eliminated for you to get the benefits.  Aim to drink at least 2 litres of clear water a day. Sparkling is not the same as still.

Sleep & Breathing

We all know how we feel when we do not sleep well. Our coping mechanisms are poor, we become triggered at the slightest things, our energy is low, we intend to opt for the more unheatlhy option like foods high in sugars,  we are too tired to do any form of exercise and generally never get past first gear all day. We go to bed the following night and start to feel stressed as we can not sleep and our mind takes over. The cycle continues and our health declines.

When we sleep our organs and cells repair, our bodies just switch into the parasympathetic nervous system know as REST, DIGEST AND RESTORE. We wake up feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the day ahead.

Habit Stacking

Get into the habit of going to bed at roughly the same time and waking at the same time. This will set your circadian rhythm and your body will get into the habit that is it time for sleep and time to wake. Stop looking at your phone, turn it off and start to wind down. It is not recommended to have a television in your bedroom, it is a place to rest and relax, without technology. Get into the habit  to slow down your breathing, when we breathe fast, shallow and hard our nervous system is in the fight or flight we are all fired up and  in this state it is impossible to sleep. Get into the habit of relaxing before bed and spend 5 or 10 mins slowing down your breathing and breathing softly through your nose. Remamber how your breathe during the day is how your breathe during the night. Trying to switch off your brain to sleep will not work if your not breathing correctly, and breathing through an open mouth.

Movement & Bone Health

Movement is vital . Find a exercise that you enjoy and start forming the habit of implementing it into your dialy routine. As we age we loose muscle, strength, balance and stability, our bones and joints weaken and we seem to shrink and are inclined to bend forward. I recommend on rising do some gentle stretching, maybe join a yoga class for strength, balance and stability. Invest in some hand weights and get into the habit of using them for 10mins three times a week.

Always remember no one can help you feel well. You have to it for yourself, and you can. If you can find time to scroll through social media you can start small and start your habit stacking to improve your overall health and well being. Be the promoter of your own health.

If you need help starting your health journey I am here.

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