Balancing Poses Offer Real Life Benefits

Learning to balance is like learning anything.

We have to be in the process long enough to benefit. When we stay somewhere slightly unstable our muscles, ligaments & our nervous system learn to compensate, creating inner calmness that enables us to handle life’s challenges.

Improve your balance rep the benefits mentally, physically & emotionally

Most forms of exercise benefit our large superficial muscles, but balancing strengthens the deep muscles, ligaments and joints within our body. Balancing poses teach us to coordinate the separate parts of the body into an integrated whole. Balancing requires the mind to become still which brings us into a greater sense of awareness. Mentally and emotionally working on our balance helps improve our focus, concentration and memory. Because balancing is a learned skill we must challenge ourselves in order to improve. We learn to gain confidence in our ability to cope when life becomes rocky, demanding and difficult.  We become calmer, steady & stabilized in body mind & spirit.

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