Love Your Adrenal Glands

Give your Adrenal Glands some love & rest.

Your adrenal glands are two small glands that rest just above your kidneys around the middle/lower back. They produce hormones that we can not live without. They play a big role in helping us respond to stress, regulating metabolism & blood pressure & keeping us energised. The hormones they produce affect nearly every organ, tissue & system in the body. During times of stress they really leap into action.

From day to day if we are under constant stress we are putting a lot of pressure on our adrenal glands. Eventually they wear out leading to adrenal fatigue. This effects our whole system.

Here are 4 tips to give your adrenal glands some loving care.

  • Sleep- is one of the most understated self-care treatments that we take for granted. Get eight hours of good quality sleep to fully rest your entire hormonal system.  Both of these doterra essential oils are excellent.

There are many ways to use them. Add 3 drops of each to your bath with espons salts to relax & promote a good nights sleep. Mix 2 drops of each with some almond or coconut oil and rub on the soles of your feet. Place 2 drops of each oil in a diffuser & drift into a restful nights sleep with the relaxing aroma in your bedroom.

  • Eat adrenal – friendly foods, that contain healthy fats & are nutrient -dense which are the best for restoring your adrenals. Increase foods like coconut oil, avocados, fatty fish, olives nuts & seeds, seaweed, beans, legumes & plenty of fresh and cooked vegetables.
  • Reduce Caffeine & Sugar, which can deceive you into thinking you have more energy than you actually do & rob you of rest and real nutrients. You do not need to deprive yourself totally but just reduce to 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day & have fresh fruit instead of sugary products.
  • Gently Move Your Body. Too much vigorous exercise may not be good for your adrenal glands, especially if they are already fatigued. YOGA combined with breathing exercises are an excellent tonic for your adrenal glands. YOGA reduces anxiety & helps to get the blood & lymph moving gently.

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