Accepting Change for Weight Loss

Take action and make Changes

Many of us know it all and do not like change. Sometimes I listen to people speak about weight loss and they have themselves convinced they are eating healthy and doing some type of exercise. I look at them and ask myself “Why are they still struggling with their weight and obsessed with this topic”?

I have learnt so much over the past few years as I have been forced into make changes in my life. Now when I listen to these people I realise they are not accepting of change. As my father used to say “Nothing in life is permanent only change”  Well this also goes for our bodies and what we are eating. Nutrition is an evolving science and what suited us last year may not suit us this year. Our bodies are changing every day. Hormones, stress, age, environment and weather all have an impacted on our weight and how we nourish it.

Out of Change Comes Growth

Maybe you need to make changes with your food choices and lifestyle. I have seen for myself how change has benefited me. Sitting in stillness would have been something I would never have chosen to do. Now as I practice meditation and yoga through meditation every day I am truly amazed how it has impacted my life. Basically I accepted change and went with the flow of life.

Try it for Yourself

Start by sitting in silence for ten minutes and just become aware of how you are really feeling. Are you feeling stressed and frantic or relaxed and accepting?

Sometimes taking the smallest step in life can lead to amazing results.

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