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The time is now to partner up with me your Health Coach and let me guide you to become the best version of yourself.

Most of us realise we need to eat better, exercise more and stress less. So why is illness and weight gain so rampant?

As an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, I will guide you to achieve your goals around health, food choices, eating, and lifestyle which will be life changing and sustainable for you. I will advise you on choosing and using wholesome foods, ingredients, meal plans and recipes.  No one diet is going to work for everyone!

While nutrition is the key to good health, I believe that it is not the only source of nourishment. When our body, spirit and emotions work together in total balance we can enjoy health, vitality, look and feel our best.

Health is your new wealth, Work with me and let me be your personal guide to becoming the best version of yourself.

During my year with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition I studied over 100 different dietary theories & simple lifestyle changes that can have a positive impact on your health and well being.

As your health coach we will work together, guiding you on your path to better health, reduced stress, have more energy and maintaining a healthy weight long term. I will support you and hold you accountable in a way that’s enjoyable and easily integrated into your lifestyle.

4 Month Lifestyle Change Package

Two 60 minute sessions a month

Price 400.00 Euro

 You will learn the following to implement into your life.
  • The importance of a Healthy gut & how it can contribute to weight loss, better sleep & a more positive mind.
  • Tips on how to come off auto-pilot & how this has a huge impact on your health and weight loss.
  • Learn to become aware & listen to your body & get to the root cause of your health problem.
  • The concept of balance & how it applies to overall health & well being.
  • A few simple ways to evaluate your overall health.
  • Yoga nidra technique for a peaceful nights sleep.

The above package is available via skype or facetime from the comfort of your own home or at my office.

For more information contact me by email at

60 Minute VIP Power Session

  • Understand how food plays an important role in stress management.
  • Learn to listen to your body and become aware.
  • Learn that healthy eating is not the only aspect to maintaining health & a balanced lifestyle.
  • Discover the importance of your nervous system & how breathing techniques can have a huge impact on weight loss & stress management.
  • Key tips to benefit your over all well being & weight loss.

This session will kick start you on the road with your new journey to better health & balanced life.

For more information, please contact me by email:

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